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So as you know i have moved to woodland 11 !! Anyway a lot of my customer ask me where did i get my stuff , so i think i should write a post to share with you guys! ;) THIS IS NOT ADVERT POST HOR! I dont get paid! im just sharing with you guys! hahaha

So first thing , TV box ...

its call the Mi box . Mine is 4th gen i got it from , however i realize they are no longer selling the 4th gen . So i suggest you guys get the 3rd gen . I'm not sure what's the different ? but i guess it work the same way ??

this is how 3rd gen look like ,

you can go to this link to purchase it!! link below!



I highly recommened this!! SUPER GOOD DEAL OK!

Price : roughly $80-$200++

Second thing , COFFEE MACHINE!

Nescafe Dolce Gusto


You can check out the official website for more details! But anyway is super easy to use la! if you drink coffee everyday im sure you will love this!

I dont drink coffee so i cant tell you which one is the best , but my customer love it haha .. I love the chococino ! BEST! haha

So anyway i was saying do not go buy now! MUST WAIT! The other day we went to cold storage they got offer , Buy 15 pod pack , free coffee machine!! SUPER WORTH IT OK!!  The stuff told us they will have offer every 2-3 month . Dont worry i will share again when they got offer ! Haha!

So lastly!
Wall paper ,  i got mine like super super cheap ! like $6 for one ?  so i got 3 pieces .

I got it from , i share the link below! They have a lot a lot a lot design .. very easy to paste on the wall also..

Ok thats all! i will share with you guys if i got any more good deal.. haha see you ! Anyway dont forget to check out our promotion this month!!

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